Rote Turm

Clean Me -

The Wiedergutmachungs Project,
part 3

| |:clean me and put me in a box and cut me and clip me and:| | Cleaning oneself - a healing process.

In a former prison and watchtower built circa 750 years ago in Weinheim, South Germany, I installed Part 3 of The Wiedergutmachungs Project.
I had already lived in Weinheim for a couple of years and I asked Werner Pieper, the keeper of the key to the tower if I would be able to do an installation there.
An important material of the installation is porphyry - a stone which is mined directly next to the house where I lived in Weinheim. Porphyry is the main component used in footpaths and pavements.

An installation in a watchtower: porphyry, wire, red sandstone, red satin thread, old window panes, light bulb, red & white paper flowers, music.
Solo Exhibition in the Rote Turm, Weinheim, Germany. 2000