Backfabrik Berlin Deutschland


HOME SWEET HOME & THE CRADLE At the beginning of a relationship, I found suitcases full of pornographic magazines at my friends home. I decided to cut out certain scenes from the magazines. This collection of material I then used for my art work. HOME SWEET HOME is part of this collection. I undertook 3 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization treatment. All the medical waste from this treatment I kept, which then turned into THE CRADLE. HOME SWEET HOME - pornographic material, plastic flowers, sewing thread, coloured pencils. Varied sizes - all no larger than 20cm x 30cm. THE CRADLE - old window pane, white curtain material, 3 wooden vitrines, coloured satin ribbons, medical waste. Presented at ‘Changing Channels’, curated by Adam Nankervis, Backfabrik, Berlin. 2003