Bereznitsky & Partner Heidestrasse Berlin Deutschland


The Wiedergutmachungs Project part 4 The Restitution Project, part 4 - an ongoing project. The layers of life that we are born into. The many histories which we are born with, created by us and by our ancestors. The visual memories and emotional memories which we carry and which leave their stamp in our psyche. Understanding subjective/emotional and objective/emotional history are the pursuits of this art work. Installation with suitcase, porphyry, coloured sewing thread, photography, german newspaper reproduced from the years 1939 to 1945. The Installation changed over a period of a 2 months and lived through 3 phases: The Beginning The Transition The End Presented at ‘Reliquaries of Empires Dust’, curated by Adam Nankervis, Bereznitsky & Partner, Heidestrasse, Berlin. 2009